Dr Frederik von Briel

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PhD (City University of Hong Kong), MBE (Steinbeis University of Berlin)

Frederik is a Senior Research Fellow with a passion for entrepreneurship and innovation. He conducts evidence-based research on relevant topics and shares his knowledge with other people and organizations to help them succeed.

Most of Frederik’s current research focuses on digital entrepreneurship – the creation of new businesses based on digital technologies – and digital innovation – the creation of new products, processes, and services based on digital technologies. He is also the main contact for the collaborative research program between QUT and Woolworths Limited and involved in various industry research projects around retail innovation.

Frederik received his PhD from City University of Hong Kong for his work on the influence of business accelerator networks on the performance of high-tech start-ups. Before joining City University, he worked as a business intelligence consultant at Hewlett-Packard and as a customer relationship management specialist at IBM.

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MGN432 – Contemporary entrepreneurship: This unit is designed to equip students with the skills and techniques for building new ventures—both independently as entrepreneurs and within existing companies as intrapreneurs. Over the course of the semester, students identify, evaluate, and refine real-world business opportunities and design new ventures around these business opportunities. Students learn and apply various techniques including for opportunity identification and validation, market research, value proposition design, business model development, investor pitching and overcoming resource constraints. At the end of the unit, students understand the viability of their identified business opportunities and have developed plans for seizing them.