Dr Daniel Vankov

Research Fellow

After more than 15 years of managing international projects in the not-for-profit industry, ten as a C-Level manager, I decided to fill-in identified gaps in understanding applied psychology by becoming an academic. As a result, my PhD builds on three master qualifications in the field of business and economics, incl. the prestigious Cambridge University MBA. I am also a Certified Professional (Australian Computer Society) and an (Associate) Certified Practising Accountant (CPA Australia).

My expertise draws on concepts and evidence from the domains of psychology, business and technology. My focus is on extracting and applying data-driven knowledge to improve outcomes for end-users, leadership and culture in the form of enhanced efficiency, accuracy, timeliness and convenience of delivered services.

I keep engaging with the industry as a consultant and a researcher. For example, I currently lead the involvement of international networks of organisations in developing a series of projects in the European Union. Building on that experience, I initiated collaborative ventures with key partners in Asia and Latin America for best practices exchange to improve outcomes for end-users.

My work is published in top-tier journals with several manuscripts under review. I routinely deliver keynote addresses and workshops with the most recent ones in the European Union, Argentina and China. My research interests are International Cooperation, Entrepreneurship, International Business, Project Management, Strategy, Innovation, and Technology.