ACERE 2021

ACERE2021 – the Australian Entrepreneurship Research Exchange – was organized in a virtual mode, with the standard format:

  • Entrepreneurship Educators Forum (whole day forum involving educators, researchers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders)
  • Doctoral Consortium (whole day workshop bringing together PhD students and senior top entrepreneurship scholars)
  • Paper Presentation Sessions (Authors presenting their papers with discussions)
  • Paper Development Sessions (Authors get developmental feedback from senior scholar in an interactive way)
  • Social activity (e.g., the Grand Social Thursday night with Per Davidsson’s Entrepreneurship Research Quiz)

We like to thank Prof Dean Shepherd, Prof. Michael Frese (Asia Business School), Prof. Per Davidsson (QUT), Dr. Anna Jenkins (University of Queensland), Prof. Justin Craig (Bond University), Dr. Baden Uren (Bond University), Prof. Rowena Barrett, AsProf. Marilyn Uy (Nanyang Technological University), AsProf. Paul Spee (University of Queensland), Dr. Scott Gordon, (University of Adelaide) and Dr. Frederik von Briel (University of Queensland) and many others for their support for this year’s ACERE.

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Entrepreneurship Educators Forum

Big thanks to Baden Uren, Bond University, and Rowena Barrett, QUT Entrepreneurship for organising this. Many schools, unis and entrepreneurs involved! Amazing to see what’s happening in Australia re Entrepreneurship Education in schools and unis, and how things evolve.