The importance on intermediaries on institutional change logics in emerging economies

In this newly published article we identify and explain the mechanisms associated with rhetorical legitimation strategies and how they enhance institutional change logics in emerging economies. In this paper we theorise on the role of intermediaries and how they not only fill institutional voids but also change institutional logics.

Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal (SEJ) – Going above and beyond: How intermediaries enhance change in emerging economy institutions to facilitate small to medium enterprise development

We contribute to the literature by extending our understanding of the role of rhetorical legitimation strategies in bringing about institutional change, use of rhetoric to communicate entrepreneurial opportunities, and significance of nonmarket strategies for SMEs. Also, this research explains how the institutional changes encourage the government to fill voids that generate beneficial outcomes to SMEs, emergent local intermediaries, the general public, and the government itself. Finally, this research finds that market actors in Nigeria use an Anthropos legitimation strategy when appealing to individuals in the local market to help with SME development. This strategy, which taps into the communal character of many African cultures and interestingly has some parallels with Confucianism philosophy, seems to be unique in emerging economies.

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