Why firms give away free knowledge?

Here we share with you a scale we developed to identify and measure the different types of free knowledge (revealing in open innovation terms) and we theorise on the different implications of it to business models.

Scientometrics – What motivates ‘free’ revealing? Measuring outbound non-pecuniary openness, innovation types and expectations of future profit growth

In the article we present a scale developed through a systematic literature review, expert testing and exploratory factor analysis, we show that revealing is reflected by five motivational factors, namely seeking complementary capabilities, product diffusion, strategic spillovers, product enhancement, and co-creation with firms. Throughout our discussion we have outlined some avenues for using our new scale. For example, researchers have speculated that when in- and out-bound flows are coupled, they lead to improved innovation outcomes for firms. However, without the ability to measure revealing, it is unclear how this would work, and therefore unclear if the relationships are perhaps not synergistic, but perhaps a trade-off.

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