ACERE 2019

ACERE 2019 – Handbook and Program


  • Best Paper Award In Entrepreneurial Performance
    New venture volatility and its consequences

    Alex Coad, Julian S Frankish, Erik Lundmark, David J Storey
    Sponsored by: The University of South AustraliaAn updated version is now published online: Lundmark, E., Coad, A., Frankish, J. & Storey, D. (2019). The liability of volatility and how it changes over time among new ventures. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice.
  • Best Paper Award In Personality & Sociodemographics
    Social Purpose Business Intentions: Altruism as a double edged sword.
    Adele Feakes, Noel Lindsay, Chengli Shu, Edward Palmer
    Sponsored by: La Trobe University
  • Best Paper Award In Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
    Developing a boundary view of the entrepreneurial ecosystem: Seeing the forest not just the trees
    Allan O’Connor, David Audretsch
    Sponsored by: Sydney School of Entrepreneurship
  • Best Qualitative Paper Award
    Getting a Ticket to the Game: Becoming an entrepreneur amidst multiple demands
    Anna Jenkins, Paul Spee, Sara Ekberg
    Sponsored by: The University of Adelaide
  • Best Quantitative Paper Award
    The Cross-Country Diffusion of Initial Coin Offerings: An Institutional Theory Perspective
    Cristiano Bellavitis, Tom Vanacker, Douglas Cumming
    Sponsored by: QUT Business School & University of Technology Sydney