The Role of Regional Context on Innovation Persistency of Firms

Dr Sam Tavassoli is a lecturer at RMIT and also a research fellow at Centre for Innovation, Research and Competence in the Learning Economy (CIRCLE), Lund University, Sweden.  He also has specific interest in 3D Printing as an emerging and disruptive technology. Sam has over ten publications in journals, such as Research Policy, Environment & Planning A, Small Business Economics, and Entrepreneurship & Regional Development.

On Wednesday 6 September Dr. Tavasolli will visit ACE to present his co-authored paper: The Role of Regional Context on Innovation Persistency of Firms.  The paper analyses the role of regional context on innovation persistency of firms. Using the Community Innovation Survey in Sweden, we have traced firms’ innovative behaviour from 2002 to 2012, in terms of four Schumpeterian types of innovation: product, process, organizational, and marketing. Controlling for an extensive set of firm-level characteristics, we find that certain regional characteristics matter for innovation persistency of firms. In particular, those firms located in regions with (i) thicker labour market or (ii) higher extent of knowledge spillover exhibit higher probability of being persistent innovators up to 14 percentage points. Such higher persistency is mostly pronounced for product innovators.

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