Invitation to ACE Research Seminar

Wednesday 27 March 2013  –  4:15 pm to 5:45 pm  at the QUT Gardens Point Campus 

Presented by Karl Wennberg, Associate Professor, Stockholm School of Economics and the Ratio Institute, Sweden.


This paper integrates insights from regional science and organizational ecology to the entrepreneurship field by constructing a theoretical framework that explains how the regional bed impacts the emergence of family and non-family businesses in differential ways. Using a rich multi-level data set, we investigate how characteristics of the economic milieu of regions influence firm births. We find that economic factors such as regional wealth and number of children born strongly affect the number of non-family start-ups while the number of family start-ups is more strongly tied to the level of small businesses and the political regulatory regime within the municipality. These findings indicate that family start-ups are more susceptible to the local non-economic context than non-family start-ups. Our research provides support for the notion that “the geographic context” is an important yet undertheorized area for research on new venture emergence and research on family business.

Karl Wennberg is associate professor at Stockholm School of Economics and the Ratio Institute in Sweden. He is the author of over 20 scholarly articles and 2 books in entrepreneurship, regional development, and organization theory. In 2013 he is a visiting researcher at Griffith University.

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