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ACERE virtual continues!

ACERE continues this week ‘virtually’ with the ever popular PDS sessions – these sessions are always in high demand and this year is no exception!  The Paper Development Sessions are expert-led roundtable discussions of selected papers that were submitted to the main academic program of ACERE. The goal of PDS sessions is to facilitate…

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Jane Jacobs was right: New study targets secrets of great entrepreneurial cities

What makes a great entrepreneurial city? While many urban planners, policy and business leaders thought in terms of infrastructure, buildings and streets, Jane Jacobs had a very different answer: Empowered people and their vibrant lives. Throughout her career as an influential author, theorist, journalist and activist, Jane Jacobs fought…

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Artificial intelligence vs humans – can you outwit technology?

Imagine if artificial intelligence (AI) could pick the next Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Bill Gates or Elon Musk? It may be just around the corner according to a QUT researcher into entrepreneurship. A QUT study is looking for thousands of people to complete a short online survey asking them to look at photographs and identify which…