This is just a sample of our research activity in this area.

  • Hypoxia-mimicking bio-scaffold for skeleton regeneration
  • Therapeutic targeting of MicroRNA-23 in osteoarthritis
  • Developing an injectable drug containing hyaluronic acid and ERK signaling pathway modulators for osteoarthritis treatment
  • Role of Miro-RNAs in improved osteogenicity of modified titanium implant surfaces
  • Investigation of Hedgehog signaling pathway during cementum regeneration in rat root wound healing model
  • Polymer-β-TCP modified Mg containing scaffold for BMSC delivery and osteogenesis
  • Application of DPSCs genetically modified with SCX in periodontal regeneration and its potential mechanism
  • An in vivo study of extracellular receptor kinase 1/2 signalling pathway modulation as a treatment option of osteoarthritis
  • Hypoxia-mimicking mesoporous bioglass for large-sized bone defect healing