ACCTERM has been organising seminar series to encourage collaborations across disciplines. We invite our national/international collaborators including academics, clinicians, and industry partners to present at the seminar with a focus on translational research and industry engagement.

The serial presentations will be arranged in both physical and virtual format (for our international partners and those who cannot attend the seminar physically).



2022 Seminar Series

2021 and Before

Research translation and commercialisation in the post COVID world

08/04/2021      Associate Professor Tam Nguyen, Deputy Director of Research, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne

Simulation of gelatin-based polymer systems

25/11/2020      Mr Nicolas Tardiota

Engineering multi-scale tissue models to mimic complex biological interactions

30/09/2020     A/Prof Yi-Chin Toh

Inflammation and Tissue Regeneration: an insight in biomaterial development

26/08/2020      Professor Yin Xiao

Infection Control for Medical Devices

29/07/2020      Dr Phong Tran