2021 International Forum for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

2021 International Forum for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine brought together an impressive array of partners from around Australia and China with expertise in translation. It was great to reconnect with our many partners, in person, and over Zoom, and to reaffirm the strong links with China. We have 80 in-person and 90 online attendees from all ACCTERM CIs, collaborators, friends, and supporters.

Professor Yin XiaoForum Chairman (Australia), Director of ACCTERM, delivered an opening remark, welcoming everyone to the reunion both in-person and online with the cancellation of last year’s forum planed in Perth, Australia. Prof. Xiao also presented a brief performance report of ACCTERM in the last two years when the centre went through a lot of changes during QUT’s institutional re-structure and the pandemic.

Professor Zhiyong Zhang, Founding Director, Translational Research Centre of Regenerative Medicine and 3D Printing Technologies, The Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University is the co-chairman of this year’s forum. He joined the Forum online and welcome all the VIPs, guest speakers and attendees who could not be in the beautiful QUT Education Precinct in person due to COVID restrictions. He shared his own experience growing together with ACCTERM since years ago, as well as his ambition in developing this great collaboration platform to a leading network in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine research translation.

Professor Margaret Sheil AOVice-Chancellor and President of QUT, Professor Scott SheppardDeputy Vice-Chancellor & Vice President (International) of QUT, and Professor Travis KleinDirector of Centre for Biomedical Technologies at QUT also attended the forum official opening.

Professor Margaret Sheil AO noted that ACCTERM really is an exemplar of how an Australian leader in tissue engineering regenerative medicine and biomaterials can bring together and benefit from the partnership with such an outstanding group of institutions in China. The center has had strong support from the Australian and Chinese governments in the form of grants and scholarships in recognition of the importance of bilateral research collaboration, and strong support at the provincial level, both from the Shanghai and Guangdong governments and the Queensland State government here. She expressed her hope and confidence that the strong support will continue into the future because the work of the centre is very important for both countries.

Professor Scott Sheppard shared his congratulations to ACCTERM and all of the distinguished scientists who have made time to continue with this very important collaboration. As he emphasised that:” At this time in the world is more important than ever, the international cooperation is the only way that we will fix and work through the complex and critical areas.” China, as of 2019, is Australia’s largest research partner with measured by publications and outputs. In 2019, the number of Australian Scientific publications involving a researcher affiliated with a Chinese institution grew by 13%. Australia China collaborations now comprise 16% of total Australian scientific publications and increase a 4% from 2005. In terms of quality, of Australian research in the top 1 % of most-cited scientific publications globally, the number involved in China-affiliated collaborations grew by 13% in 2018. Prof. Sheppard also noted the difficulties and challenges with current controls over so-called the sensitive areas of research. He encouraged scientists to continue deepening and broadening this collaboration while he and his team’s role is to ensure that scientists have the freedom to collaborate, the support to achieve, and the resources to excel.

Professor Changsheng Liu, President of Shanghai University, Professor Xiaoping Tang, Secretary-General of Guangzhou Medical University, and Professor Hongwei Ouyang, Dean of International Campus at Zhejiang University delivered the opening remark via videos as well.

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2021 Speakers Bio & Abstracts  |  ACCTERM 2021 Program Final

  • Professor Minghao Zheng, Medical School, Division of Surgery, QEII Medical Centre, University of Western Australia
    Collaboration showcase: Orthocell and UWA collaboration led to market authorisation of a collagen device in Europe, USA and Australia.
  • Professor Jiang Chang, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
    Regulation of cell fate by bioceramics for tissue engineering
  • Professor Krasimir Vasilev, UniSA STEM, University of South Australia
    Nanoengineered surfaces for medical devices
  • Professor Shengmin Zhang, Advanced Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Center, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
    Translational Ways to Medical Devices for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering
  • Professor Travis Klein, Director, Centre for Biomedical Technologies, Queensland University of Technology
    Starting up the Centre for Biomedical Technologies and Gelomics

  • A/Professor Michael Doran, School of Biomedical Sciences, Queensland University of Technology
    Some of the steps and missteps we’ve taken studying BMSC chondrogenesis
  • Dr Xiaohu Ge, CEO, Tingo Regenerative Medicine
    Exosomes and organoid in regenerative medicine
  • Dr Silvio Tiziani, CEO, CCRM Australia
    Guidelines for stem cell research and translation
  • Professor Saso Ivanovski, Head of School, School of Dentistry, University of Queensland
    Additively manufactured scaffolds for large volume alveolar bone regeneration
  • Professor Chengtie Wu, Deputy Director, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
    Clinical transition models of biomaterials research
  • Professor Ross Crawford, Chair in Orthopaedic Research, School of Mechanical, Medical and Process Engineering, Queensland University of Technology
    Orthopedic innovation
  • Professor Xinquan Jiang, Ninth People’s Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai JiaoTong University, School of Medicine, Shanghai JiaoTong University
    New strategies for oral and maxillofacial tissue regeneration and functional reconstruction

Thanks to the teams of both QUT and GMU for their hard work in organising the outstanding event.


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