Supervised research projects


Shakoor Ahmed

Shakoor Ahmed


Reporting practices of modern slavery risk in business 0perations and supply chains

Supervisors: Professor Ellie Chapple, Dr Sarah Osborne

PhD commenced 2019


Mumtaheena Anwar

Environmental Disclosure Tone and Analyst Forecast Behaviour in a Regulated Environmental Reporting Setting: ​A Study of the EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive

Supervisors: Dr Elisabeth Sinnewe & Dr Annette Quayle

Sharmin Akter

The impact of gender diversified board on stock price crash risk

Supervisors: Dr Troy Yao, Dr Tracy Qu & Prof Ellie Chapple

Linda Bennison

Linda Bennison

Legislative regimes for cooperatives: Consideration of form and function
Supervisors: Professor Kerrie Sadiq, Professor Ellie Chapple
PhD commenced 2020

Alfred Bu

The role of valuation specialists in audits of fair value measurements

Supervisors: Dr Yuyu Zhang, Dr Troy Yao

PhD commenced 2018

Ken Fuller

An analysis of the chair leadership and its association with pluralistic ignorance and faultlines.

Supervisors: Associate Professor Gavin Nicholson, Dr Elizabeth Sinnewe

MPhil commenced 2020

Vito Giudace

A Diector’s Perspective: Understanding Australia’s ‘Two-Strike’ Rule as a Regulatory Instrument

Supervisors Professor Ellie Chapple & Professor Julie-Anne Tarr

PhD commenced 2019

Yihan Guo

Transparency and incentives for disclosing segment information: evidence from Australian listed firms

Supervisors: Professor Pamela Kent, Dr YuYu Zhang

PhD commenced 2019

Tamanna Hussain

Tamanna Hussain

Diversity in the key management personnel of ASX listed companies

Supervisors: Dr Bronwyn McCredie, Dr Annette Quayle

PhD commenced 2020

Kexin (Erin) Ma

The impact of regulatory changes to fees and costs disclosure on member engagement and fund efficiency – a study from member’s perspective

Supervisors: Dr Bronwyn McCredie, Professor Kerrie Sadiq

PhD commenced 2018

Md Adhi Nugroho

Md Adhi Nugroho

Digital economy taxation using the concept of user participation

Supervisors: Professor Kerrie Sadiq, Associate Professor Stuart Tooley

PhD commenced 2019

Sohanur Rahman

Sohanur Rahman


Corporate environmental sustainability and firm-specific risks: An examination of environmental performance and proactivity on stock illiquidity, credit risk, and political risk

Supervisors: Dr Elisabeth Sinnewe, Dr Sarah Osborne, Professor Ellie Chapple

PhD commenced 2020

Sari Rossi

From survivorship to sustainability? The role of federal government support for the Arts Sector

Supervisors: Professor Kerrie Sadiq, Dr Bronwyn McCredie

PhD commenced 2019

Hedy Wang

Corporate Carbon Performance and Stock Price Crash Risk

Supervisors: Professor Ellie Chapple & Professor Pamela Kent

PhD commenced 2021

Ashesha Weerasinghe

Ashesha Weerasinghe


Does CEO/Director virtue influence firm fraud and financial misconduct?

Supervisors: Professor Ellie Chapple, Dr Alexandra Williams

Commenced 2021

Diversity on corporate boards and indigenous participation.

Supervisors: Professor Ellie Chapple, Dr Bastian Breitmayer, Dr Alexandra Williams

MPhil commenced 2019; completed January 2021

Xiaoyin Wei

Xiaoyin Wei

Board social capital and foreign institutional investment in China

Supervisors: Professor Ellie Chapple, Dr Natalie Elms

PhD commenced 2019

Completed GradCert 2019

Institutional investor’s participation in corporate governance of listed companies in China based on the advanced experiences of foreign countries

Supervisor: Professor Ellie Chapple

Xiaohua Wu

Accounting-based relative performance evaluation and peer firms’ analyst earnings forecasts

Supervisors: Dr YuYu Zhang, Dr Elizabeth Sinnewe

PhD commenced 2018

Yefeng Zhang

What is the information in the clarification announcement? Evidence behind media rumors

Supervisors: Dr Yu Yu Zhang, Dr Troy Yao

PhD commenced 2020

Fraudulent financial reporting in China: Evidence from renaming behavior
Supervisors: Dr. Yuyu Zhang, Dr. Troy Yao
MPhil completed 2019

Zizheng Zhao

Allocating Profit in the Digital Economy: The Case of the Sharing Economy

Supervisors: Professor Kerrie Sadiq, Professor Ellie Chapple
PhD commenced Feb 2022

Isuri Uttara Malawara Arachchi

Audit committee and external assurance of integrated reporting

Supervisors: Professor Ellie Chapple, Dr Elisabeth Sinnewe



Dr Adam Ozdowski 2021

A multi-perspective examination into the perceived importance of different fraud and financial misconduct reporting channel attributes
Supervisors: Professor Ellie Chapple, Dr Janet Mack

Dr Heidi Zummo 2021

Corporate tax transparency: A study of publicity in action
Supervisors: Professor Kerrie Sadiq, Dr Bronwyn McCredie

Dr Hyejung Lee 2021

The effect of business group affiliation on audit quality
Supervisors: Dr YuYu Zhang, Professor Ellie Chapple

Dr Li Zhongtian 2020

Corporate sustainability in Australia: Performance, disclosure and governance
Supervisors: Professor Ellie Chapple, Dr Elisabeth Sinnewe