COVID-19 reinforces greater need for BEPS

Kerrie Sadiq

The  August blog post on Fiscal Publications websiteTax design and administration in a post-BEPS era: towards public country-by-country reporting? collaboratively written by Professor Kerrie Sadiq QUT Professor of Taxation, and Professor Rick Krever, UWA researcher in taxation law and policy, provides interesting data on how the pandemic has impacted multinationals, and an update on the BEPS reform agenda.  While BEPS was in large part a response to the global economic crisis of 2008, the scale of the current crisis we are witnessing in 2020 is far greater, reinforcing the need for action as governments around the world face increased spending and decreased tax revenue. The blog is a great snapshop of the current situation, and for those wanting an indepth analysis then the book  Design and Administration in a Post-BEPS Era: A Study of Key Reform Measures in 18 Jurisdictions is worth reading.

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