Dr McCredie develops tax unit in 2020

Bronwyn McCredie

Dr Bronwyn McCredie is developing and teaching a tax course offered by QUT both face-to-face and online that builds on students’ previous knowledge of business and corporations law to introduce the statutory framework of the Australian taxation system. Interested students will discover the elements in the determination of taxable income and the levying of income tax, including general and specific categories of assessable income and allowable deductions, capital gains tax and administration aspects of the tax system. The taxation of fringe benefits is also examined, along with a brief overview of the taxation of partnerships, trusts and companies and an overview of the goods and services tax. Dr McCredie emphasises the course is designed to develop students’ understanding of taxation issues and practical application skills through the use of software that is trusted and utilised by more than 7,000 Accountants and Tax Agents nationally.

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