Conference Presentations, Invitations, Professional Development and Workshops

EC_Violations Presentation 2019

Professor Chapple, Tarikul Islam and Dr Andrew West presented the paper, “Hybrid Corporations and the Business Case for Profit Social Enterprise” at Corporate Law Teachers Association conference, Auckland, 3-5 February 2019.

Professor Ellie Chapple (2019) participated as an invited external facilitator at Victoria University at Wellington, Victoria Business School PhD Colloquium on 27-28 February.

Robyn Trubshaw, presented her paper ‘Responsibilities within the Governance Space: A study of the role of the company secretary on contemporary boards’ at the Corporate Law Teachers Association Conference, Auckland, 3-5 February 2019.

Dr Bronwyn McCredie and Professor Kerrie Sadiq presented the paper “Navigating the 4th Industrial Revolution: Taxing Automation for Fiscal Sustainability” 31st Australasian Tax Teachers Association Conference, 16-19 January, Curtin University, Perth, 2019.

Professor Kerrie Sadiq presented the paper Comparative Experiences and Multidisciplinary Approaches to Research: An Accounting Law Perspective, How Countries Learn to Tax: Complexity, legal Transplants and legal Culture, In Leiden, The Netherlands, 25 February -1 March 2019

Professor Kerrie Sadiq (2019) was one of the Scientific Organizers at the Conference, How Countries Learn to Tax: Complexity, Legal Transplants and Legal Culture, In Leiden, The Netherlands, 25 February -1 March

PhD student Zhontian Li presented the paper “Organizational Hypocrisy in the Employee-related Disclosures Rendered by the Electronic Manufacturing Services Providers” co-authored with Professor Ellie Chapple & Dr Shamima Haque on 9 December 2017 at the 16th Australasian Centre for Social and Environmental Accounting Research (A-CSEAR) Conference.

Zhongtian Li, Jing Jia, Ellie Chapple paper “Readability of Corporate Sustainability Reporting and its Relation to Corporate Sustainability Performance: Evidence from Australia” has been accepted for presentation at the  2019 Asia-Pacific Interdisciplinary Research in Accounting Conference, New Zealand.

Professor Ellie Chapple invited keynote speaker at the Financial Markets and Corporate Governance Conference (FMCG) 16-18 April 2019″:”Violations and permissions: Corporate Culture”.

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