The two core components of this project – accessible assessment task design and inclusive Assessment for Learning (AfL) pedagogies – are both critical for student success in the high-stakes senior years of secondary schooling. Advancements in these two key areas will enable teachers to better support their students’ learning and allow students to better demonstrate what they have learnt. The project will also identify ways to sustain and spread these highly sophisticated practices both in and across secondary school departments, and between schools with our ARC Linkage partners.

The project

This ARC Linkage project will employ a sequential phase mixed-methods waitlist design in three Partner schools to test:

(1) whether accessible summative assessment task design leads to improved student outcomes with a focus on those with language and attentional difficulties;

(2) whether enhancing teachers’ inclusive practice improves student access to formative assessment pedagogies, enabling more accurate student understanding of assessment aims and requirements; and

(3) how improvements in summative assessment task design and teacher practice can be sustained and upscaled across departments

Funding / Grants

  • ARC Linkage

Chief Investigators


Arnold, Julie (2022) Prioritising students in Assessment for Learning: A scoping review of research on students' classroom experience. Review of Education.

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Graham, Linda, Tancredi, Haley, Willis, Jill, McGraw, Kelli (2018) Designing out barriers to student access and participation in secondary school assessment Australian Educational Researcher, 45 (1), pp.103-124. []