Sex Down Under by Matty Silver

Sex is an area of life that historically has been associated with embarrassment or shame and inhibits many Australians having a healthy attitude to sex. Matty Silver is originally from The Netherlands, but has lived in Australia for more than thirty years, giving her an international and unique perspective on the Australian sex psyche.

Her reason for writing is to break down and de-mystify some of the taboos and barriers around sex and encouraging people to feel more comfortable to talk about it. Matty is open-minded, has a wicked sense of humour and brings wide-ranging experience to her profession as a sex therapist and writer. She has learned over the years that there’s no such thing as a “normal” sex life and no two people are likely to agree on the minefield topic of sex.

The book deals, in short chapters, with many of the issues she encounters in her counselling room. Some of the conditions discussed within these pages may be unfamiliar or confronting, however the aim is to help readers understand that most of these issues are commonly experienced and can be resolved. Matty will share important insights from ten years’ spent helping people to move past challenges and improve their sex lives. She points out that making our sexual experiences more fulfilling, we need to shift our attitude; sex needs to become a natural and healthy part of everyday life.



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Touching Encounters

Often depicted as deviant or pathological by public health researchers, psychoanalysts, and sexologists, male-with-male sex and sex work is, in fact, an increasingly mainstream pursuit. Based on a qualitative investigation of the practices involved in male-with-male—or m4m—Internet escorting, Touching Encounters is the first book to…

(

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This collection explores for the first time male sex work from a rich array of perspectives and disciplines. It aims to help enrich the ways in which we view both male sex work as a field of commerce and male sex workers themselves. Leading contributors examine the field both historically and cross-culturally from fields including public…

(

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This article details a preliminary dataset of global male escort sites to give insight into the scale of the online market. We conducted a content analysis of 499 Web sites and also measured traffic to these sites. Our analysis examined the structural characteristics of escort services, geographical and regulatory contexts, and…

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There has been limited research on the types of programs that male-for-male escorts would want for themselves. In 2013, 418 Internet-based male escorts completed an online survey. Participants were presented with a description of an ongoing outreach program for male sex workers called “Rent University” and asked to select workshop topics…

(

Top Research Articles

Top research articles on male sex work published since 2013. New pleasures and old dangers: reinventing male sex work. J Sex Res. Minichiello V, Scott J, Callander D 2013;50(3-4):263-75 PMID: 23480072 Read Article A new public health context to understand male sex work. Minichiello V, Scott J, Callander D. BMC Public Health…

(

Behaviours and perspectives

Technology, normalisation and male sex work. MacPhail C, Scott J, Minichiello V. Cult Health Sex; 2015;17(4):483-95. Technological change, particularly the growth of the Internet and smart phones, has increased the visibility of male escorts, expanded their client base and diversified the range of venues in which male sex work can take…

(

New Pleasures & Old Dangers

Understandings of male sex workers (MSWs) shift with technological, conceptual, and social changes. Research has historically constructed MSWs as psychologically unstable, desperate, or destitute victims and their clients as socially deviant perverts. These perceptions, however, are no longer supported by contemporary research and…

(

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