RUNNING HEAD: Workshops desired by male escorts

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There has been limited research on the types of programs that male-for-male escorts would want for themselves. In 2013, 418 Internet-based male escorts completed an online survey. Participants were presented with a description of an ongoing outreach program for male sex workers called “Rent University” and asked to select workshop topics that they would be interested in (from a list of 14). Participants selected, on average, 6 workshops. The most commonly selected workshops centered around enhancing one’s career/wealth as an escort (e.g., “Attracting the ‘right’ clients and keeping them” 65.0%,  “Escorting and legal matters” 64.0%,  “How best to market yourself online” 62.7%, “Financial planning and planning for the future” 52.7%). More often than not, demographic characteristics were unassociated with selecting individual topics. Being younger, having less than a college degree, being gay identified, and having used club drugs in the past 12 months were associated with expressing interest in a greater number of workshops. Those seeking to provide such services might be well served to ensure that materials are at an appropriate reading level, and culturally acceptable for younger, gay identified men.

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