Male Escorting Site Hopes to Challenge Stigma and Promote Decriminalization

A new website launched by two sociologists hopes to offer support to male sex workers, break down the stigma around them, and lobby for decriminalization.

Me, Us & Male Escorting has been launched by Professors John Scott and Victor Minichiello, who previously wrote a book, Male Sex Work and Society, discussing similar issues.

The new site offers links to resources for male sex workers, as well as academic books and articles about the industry. There’s also a blog that’s set to include posts by Scott and Minichiello, along with other academics, and others written by working escorts.

“Male sex workers face a double stigma because same sex relationships are stigmatized and sex work is stigmatized,” the founders argue, suggesting that the site should be useful to escorts, academics, the government, and curious members of the public.

“We need the government to come on board and see this as work,” said Scott. “That makes it better for the sex workers who can manage their health and safety and if sex work is decriminalized better in terms of making it easier for people to pay tax and follow all the regulations like all other occupations.”

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