This website is an innovative forum between researchers and writers, sex workers, sex work organisations and the media. It includes a blog, with insights from researchers and sex workers and a collection of books and research reports about male sex work.

We support the development of a social enterprise that is ethically operated and entrepreneurially responsible, through:

  1. engagement: sharing reliable, research-based knowledge
  2. professionalism: exploring topics that move escorting into a more professional and decriminalised activity
  3. credibility: expert, evidence-based commentary
  4. wellness: promoting health, and high standards in male escorting – for both people who seek the services of  escorts as well as the escorts themselves
  5. global reach: a global perspective and promoting decriminalization of sex work is an important human rights issue (see Amnesty International policy).

Our website is the result of a joint research collaboration between Professor John Scott of Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and renowned social scientist, Professor Victor Minichiello (* Together, they authored a book, Male Sex Work and Society, which explores male sex work from different perspectives.

Visit QUT law research for more about our research activities.

* Please note that some browsers may prevent access to links on this site because it contains information on male sex work and this can be detected by filters.

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